Ryan Adnin Goh

MBa (Murdoch), Dip. Counselling
Entrepreneur. Advisory and Consulting Director

I am an entrepreneur and consultant. Specialised in developing digital businesses. Having founded and participated in the growth of multiple digital ready companies across 3 continents; Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific including mergers and acquisition (M&A). I advise on matters related to Human Resource, Finance & Investments, Productivity & Tech Strategy and Due Diligence.

I believe in capacity building and creating shared value for future business growth. To know more, visit my personal page @ https://ryanadnin.com

Experiences – Business

ForBis Accounting Pte. Ltd.

Director, Advisory & Consulting Services, Shareholder, 2018 – Present


About the Company 

Established in 2014, ForBis Accounting is a Singapore based professional services firm, providing services including, corporate secretarial, accounting, filing, tax, business consulting, licensing application and training. The firm aims to provide high-impact business solutions to serve the SME market by incorporating digital strategies into its offerings.

My Role

Currently responsible for new business development in consulting and training as well as digitalisation of the company, including strategising and implementing campaigns, plans and forging deals for growing the current services and consulting aspects of the business.


  • Planned and launched digital marketing campaigns for the companies services, successfully securing additional clients since the 1st month of implementation
  • Set up a pipeline of leads for consulting and training services

Three Bites Pte. Ltd.

Director of Operations & Founding Shareholder, May 2014 – May 2019 (5 Years)

https://threebites.com , https://techchronos.com

About Three Bites Pte. Ltd.

Founded by 2 other partners and myself, Three Bites Pte. Ltd. and its digital consulting and development brand, TechChronos, is part of a group of Singapore-India technology consulting, development and investment firms specialising in digital platforms and marketing with clientele in Asia, Africa and Europe.

My Role in the Organisation

In-charge of sales and marketing operations. Developing  sales campaigns, monetisation strategy – pricing and cost structure, client up-sell and retention strategies. I also participate in business development and sales, leveraging on networking for partnerships, client acquisition and government collaborations.

For larger projects, I collaborate as Lead Consultant with the technical managers/directors to perform business requirement scoping with clients, specifically in managing and strategising project costs and monetisation options for Clients Projects. Post-production, I handle training of the clients’ key personnel for usage of the systems and platforms. 

As the director of operations I work with the accountants yearly to handle the firms’ financial reporting as well.


  • Won and delivered a digitalisation project for a Singapore based digital concept pre-school
  • Won the project as lead consultant for the firm, for developing shipping and land management systems for port authorities in Gabon, West Africa, co-jointly with an Africa focused maritime consulting firm
  • Won the project as Lead consultant for developing trading platforms for a Singapore-based client to serve the international carbon credit markets
  • Consulting and development of Augmented Reality Technology as a Creative Director for Nanoveu Pte. Ltd., a company related to A*Star’s commercialisation arm

Skills Focus

  • Agile Development Model
  • Technical Writing & Communication
  •  Marketing & Sales Strategy and Management
  • B2B Business Development and Sales
  • Platform Technical Training

Technology Exposure

  • Web Platform Applications
  • Productivity Software
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Analytics
  • Gamifcation
  • Search Engine Optimisation / Search Engine Marketing / Social Media Marketing
  • Geolocation Technology / Maritime
  • Workflow Process Enabling

Traction Haven LLP

Managing Partner, 2019 – Present


About the Company 

Traction Haven is a digital marketing and advertising partnership handling Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Management & Social Media Management. The partnership has developed its own unique algorithm to handle market sectioning and targeting, specifically in enhancing campaign strategy.

Since its inception, the partnership has won projects and pilots with clients in insurance, aesthetics, astrology and other industries.

My Role

I am currently responsible for the following:

  • Developing strategies for new business opportunities
  • Developing digital marketing strategy with partners
  • Developing and evolving business and pricing model according to market feedback

Pan African Logistics Ltd.

Group COO & Shareholder, 2013 – 2014


Pan African Logistics Ltd. operates a group of logistics firms in the East African Region (EAC) with its HQ in Rwanda and operations in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, D.R. Congo and other EAC states. The parent company is owned by a Singapore based investment firm.

Group Chief Operations Officer during the setup phase in the region, in-charge of acquisitions of distressed logistics companies to be absorbed by the group – including working with the finance & legal teams to perform due diligence and negotiations for acquisitions of companies, analysis of business activities to be retained and sold off accordingly to maximise profitability. After acquisitions, I coordinated the technology and training departments in order to implement technology solutions for the group (both hardware and software). I was also responsible for coordinating the finance, legal and human resources departments to generate business and staff performance analysis, reports and reviews yearly.


  • Set the group of companies up to achieve profitability within 18 months
  • Successfully managed acquisitions by implementing processes and structures to keep up employee engagement of staff from the acquired companies, resulting in a low employee turnover rate and cohesiveness between companies in the group

Skills Focus

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Leadership
  • Global Team Dynamics
  • Operations Management & Strategy
  • Internal Technology Training for Employees
  • Organisational change management

Technology Exposure

  • Logistics Technology
  • Geolocation Technology
  • Organisational Productivity Technology

Chai Fatt Motorsports., Business Manager, 2010 - 2012

Chai Fatt Motorsports is a motorcycle workshop that specialises in the customisation of motorcycles, procurement, restoration and resale of motorcycles, sales of motorcycle parts, accessories & products, repair and servicing of motorcycles.

 Responsible for handling both online and offline marketing / sales for motorcycles & customisation services, liaising with accountants for filing and taxation, handling corporate (Business-to-business) client relations and apprenticed as a mechanic during the duration of my experience at the company.


  • Digitalised the company – from an offline trading company to online via selling motorcycles and related services through websites, portals and advertisements on the internet
  • Successfully secured deals for import of motorcycle parts from Indonesia, expanding the product offering range of the company
  • Successfully secured for export of motorcycles to Indonesia, expanding the market reach of the company

Skills Learnt

  • Small Enterprise Management
  • Automotive Sales and Digital Marketing
  • Regional Business Development
  • Automotive Mechanical and Electrical Skills

Experiences – Consulting

PT Sindotama Trijaya

Business Training Consultant, 2019 – Current

PT Sindotama Trijaya is the Indonesian virtual sales and marketing arm of a social entrepreneurship group of companies with operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia focusing on sales, lead generation and marketing services for companies.

It is based in Indonesia and employs and provides training for skills improvement to locals in Indonesia for its operations.

My role as a consultant is to conduct capacity building and training for the sales staff on the topics of sales & marketing. The objective of the training is to up-skill the staff in order for them to expand regionally and serve clients outside of Indonesia.


  • Successfully trained B2B sales staff for handling outsourced marketing and sales operations for their clientele

Skills Focus

  • Multi-Lingual: English & Bahasa Indonesia
  • B2B Sales Training
  • B2B Marketing Training
  • Organisational Change Management

Sindofarms Pte. Ltd.

Business Consultant, 2019 – Current


Sindofarms Pte. Ltd. is a social entrepreneurship venture with operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia focusing on agriculture, food distribution direct sales for F&B and other activities related to the food services sector, with the objective of enhancing food security.


  • Leading the workflow Digitalisation Process of the Enterprise
  • Consulting on Human Resources – Hiring and Retention Strategies
  • Forging new business development strategies
  • Successfully trained B2B sales staff for outsourced projects

Skills Focus

  • Sales HR management
  • Digitalisation of small and medium enterprises
  • Business Development
  • B2B sales training

Bark a Tree Pte. Ltd.

Business Operations Director (Consultant), 2017 – 2019


Bark a Tree Pte. Ltd. is a social entrepreneurship start-up in Singapore that focuses on a blend of e-commerce and physical location distribution channels for sales of pet products, food, events and activities. The company also fundraises for animal welfare causes.

Responsible for business strategy – providing the strategies for monetisation, including the various business models, management of cost and creation of new revenue channels. I also participated in their fundraising and supported the founders to successfully raise seed funding for the business. 


  • Successfully raised initial seed investment for the company
  • Activities raised over 30,000 SGD for animal welfare causes in the 1st year of operations
  • Achieved profitability after 1st year of operations via products and events
  • Successfully developed event partnerships with malls such as Tanglin Mall and Bukit Panjang Plaza, and government bodies such as National Parks Singapore
  • Planning and holding the first pets and owners camping event in Singapore.

Skills Focus

  • Social Enterprise Management
  • Event Planning
  • Venue negotiation
  • Government Licensing and Regulation for Events

The Glamour Co Pte. Ltd.

Business Management Consultant, 2016 – 2018


The Glamour Co is a Singapore based beauty company providing make up, hairstyling, grooming and image consultancy services.

Responsible for business development and corporate relations with clients, monetisation – pricing structure / bundling of services, sales & marketing and technology implementation.

Nanoveu Pte. Ltd.

Design Consultant, 2015 – 2016


Nanoveu Pte. Ltd. is a 3D virtual and augmented reality company producing lenticular 3D hardware which was part of the A*Star commercialisation program as well as compatible 3D software.

While in Three Bites Pte. Ltd., I was seconded as a design consultant to the company on a retainer contract basis. I was in charge of working with the Chief Marketing Officer to strategise marketing collaterals including – videos, images, packaging. I also directly coordinated with the media and software teams to implement the plans, directly involved in the processes of creating the collaterals, which included 3D Stereoscopic media. 


  • Working with the media and software teams to successfully create the EyeFly3D mobile application which allows viewing of 3D media when paired with the lenticular hardware
  • Ideating and coordinating with the media team to creating the packaging and promotional videos for the products

Skills Focus

  • Design and Copywriting
  • Technical Writing & Communication
  • Marketing Management
  • 3D Technology



Murdoch University

Master of Business Administration, MBa (Murdoch). Class of 2019

Master’s of business administration (MBA) with Murdoch University’s Singapore Campus. The MBA coursework has been enriching and has allowed me to further my knowledge in Business Administration and Management including:

  • Employee engagement
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Management accounting
  • Business finance
  • Strategic marketing
  • Growth strategies
  • Global business
  • Corporate social and environmental concerns

Kaplan Institute of Higher Education

Diploma in Counselling. Class of 2013

Completed my studies in counselling and crisis management to further my learning about human behaviour and psyche. Other learning included psychotherapy theories and practicum such as:

  • Career Counselling
  • Counselling Ethics
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Conflict Management
  • Counselling Skills
  • Counselling Theories
  • Foundation Psychology
  • Group Counselling

Temasek Academy & Temasek Junior College

Cambridge ‘A’ Levels. Class of 2009

High school and pre-university education with Temasek Junior College & Temasek Academy, as the pioneering batch of Integrated Programme students representing the top 5% of pre-university students in Singapore.

British Council, 2005 to 2006

Certificate – English Proficiency (High Distinction). Class of 2006

Studied English at the British Council Singapore, as a part of my course in the integrated program achieving a high distinction certificate for English Proficiency.

Certificates & Executive Programs

Certified Employment Intermediaries - Key Appointment Holders (Certificate), Ministry of Manpower 2019

Recently completed the Ministry of Manpower certification exam for employment intermediaries – key employment holders. Allowing me to operate a licensed employment agency in Singapore.

Certified Employment Intermediaries - Key Appointment Holders (Course Certificate), Absolute Kinetics Consultancy 2019

Recently completed the Ministry of Manpower course for employment intermediaries – key employment holders. I took the course to further my knowledge in human resources and employment in Singapore.

Blockchain Innovation Strategy Program (Certificate), Nanyang Technological University 2018

An executive program for business leaders to understand blockchain theories and use cases for implementation in their respective fields.

Digital Certificates

Google Ads Display Certification, Google Digital Academy, June 2019 (Expires June 2020)

Google Digital Sales Certification, Google Digital Academy, June 2019 (Expires June 2021)



Clubs & Societies

Co-opt Executive Committee, Singapore Technology Federation (SGTech), Smart Nation Chapter, 2018 - Present

The Smart Nation Chapter for SGTech aims to provide its members with market access and potential partnership collaboration opportunities in the Smart Cities / Nation space, focusing on Internet-of-Things, Sensors, Platforms and Analytics.  Joined the executive committee as a co-opt member to steer the direction of the chapter.

Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP), Ordinary Member, 2019 - Present

The Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) is guided by its core principles of being independent, non-partisan and working in critical collaboration with all parties that share its mission to bring about a Dynamic Muslim Community in the 21st Century. AMP will partner with any player who identifies with and supports its mission in society and will support government policies which serve to advance the community and the interest of the people at large.

Volunteer & Charitable Activities

Volunteer, Hope for Animals, 2017 - 2018

Volunteered to assist in managing events – including donation drives, carwashes, fundraisers and other activities for an animal welfare group.

Volunteer, Toastmasters: Prison Service, 2012

Volunteered to teach weekly lessons on speech craft to prisoners in Singapore Prisons Service to enable them to perform better at job interviews after their release

Volunteer, Alzheimer’s Disease Association, 2012

Performing music for the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease

Other Activities

Mentor, Inaugural Batam Polytechnic Hackathon, 2017

Mentored a team of budding developers and designers in a Hackathon competition hosted by the Indonesian government and Singapore’s Economic Development Board in Batam polytechnic in Indonesia.

Actor, INRI studios, 2012

Acted in the indie film from Local Director: Tzang Mervyn Wong, Faeryville (Demo)


Business Administration - Management & Strategy

From my operational experience as a director of operations and a chief operations officer, performing strategy and implementation roles in a wide range of fields, I have acquired knowledge in business management and strategy in operational and financial aspects of a business.

Problem Solving & Analytical Thinking

From multiple years of experience both in Strategy and Implementation in multiple fields, I have developed strong problem solving and analytical thinking skills which I have managed to adapt and appropriate to different industries to solve complex systemic and implementation problems.

Technology Strategy and Implementation

From participating in technology projects with Three Bites Pte. Ltd. and digitisation of other companies, I have learnt to understand technology stacks, their limitations and use-cases for implementation, gaining skills in technology strategy and implementation.



Knowledge gained across multiple domains by working on projects from various domains, leveraging on teaming with my network of collaborators with various skillsets and specialities in different industries, domains and sectors.



Collection and restoration of vintage timepieces, building timepieces out of up-cycled scrap movements.

Outdoors Activities

Hiking, Cycling & Kayaking – both in Singapore and overseas